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Gain a perspective of Mind Based Chronic Pain and Mind Based Chronic Pain Repattering, so you can make a powerful paradigm shift in understanding and successfully treating Chronic Pain.


Understand that neuro-networks holding memory of Chronic Pain are why medical, drug and physical interventions so often come to a dead end, so you can offer hope to clients who are resigned to a life of “managing” persistent Chronic Pain.



Learn mind-set fundamentals to lead your clients out of the suffering of Chronic Pain, so you can see them celebrate a life of freedom and vitality.

Appreciate the MBPR System's practical, easy to learn tools and strategies to reach the root of Chronic Pain, so you can guide clients in eliminating core forces that drive Chronic Pain.

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MBPR System Training can take you to the TOP LEVEL of providing effective tools and strategies to TRANSFORM THE OLD PARADIGM of telling clients they have to learn to "MANAGE" and "LIVE WITH" the persistent burden and limitations of ongoing Chronic Pain.



If you are like me, you want the services you provide to have lasting effects and it is frustrating to know that Chronic Pain sufferers have struggled for years with a multitude of medical and physical interventions that have limited impact or only make a difference for a few days or weeks. My personal history of suffering with Chronic Pain was certainly like that. And, like you, I've certainly heard this client's story of a history of struggling and developing a sense of hopelessness many times as a clinician.

Your professional training may have given you lots of skills and training for addressing pain with medical, pharmaceutical or physical interventions, but these well-meaning interventions all too often seem to fall short with long-term Mind-Based Chronic Pain sufferers.

The biggest problem many clinicians, like yourself, face is that you often feel like the Chronic Pain condition has something to do with ”being in the head”.

But out of compassion or uncertainty you are cautious in your comments, because you do not want to minimize your client's experience ONE MORE TIME, or you do not know how to change the way that Chronic Pain is embedded in the mind. Your schooling likely did not teach you how to effectively get the driving forces of persistent pain out of your client's head. During your training you likely never heard the phrase "MIND-BASED CHRONIC PAIN". You were not introduced to a system to reverse this condition.

Imagine what difference it would make for you and your clients if you had easy-to-learn and employ tools and strategies that have been shown to greatly reduce pain; and, in many cases, actually permanently eradicate years of long-term Mind-Based Chronic Pain. Success like this would make such a big difference in both the lives of your clients and in your sense of purpose and the value you place on being a clinician and WOW -- the profitability of your practice.

So, if you’ve got a couple of minutes right now, I’d like to introduce you to a very different way of getting results… it’s called the MBPR System (Mind-Based Pain Repatterning). It worked for me and my clients and may very well work for you too. You could put it off till tomorrow or you can take action and learn more about Mind-Based Chronic Pain and the effective MBPR System now.

I ask you again, "How would you feel if the client testimonial above was about a client who had tried everything and then resigned to a life of continual Chronic Pain UNTIL THEY FINALLY DISCOVERED YOUR effective Mind-Based Chronic Pain Services? I know I feel great when people reduce and even eliminate Chronic Pain.

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The Advanced Track of the MBPR System training is a comprehensive program directed to clinicians who desire to be at the leading edge of providing effective pain relief and eradication.

  • The MBPR System acknowledges the roots of Mind-Based Chronic Pain.
  • The MBPR System provides effective and easy to master solutions to Mind-Based Chronic Pain.


The Advanced Track Training is suitable for a wide variety of clinicians including, among others: alternative health practitioners, chiropractors, physiotherapists, medical doctors, pain clinic staff, occupational therapists, naturopaths, acupuncturists, psychotherapists, social workers, pain management practitioners, massage therapists, body workers, energy workers, personal trainers, sports therapists and coaches. The Advanced Track provides service providers the highly sought after MBPR System Clinician Certification.



We have designed the MBPR System Advanced Track to be the most comprehensive, relevant and practical training in the Chronic Pain management field. As a Certified MBPR System Clinician, you can expect to be a go-to, sought-after expert who is recognized for competency in addressing the needs of Chronic Pain Clients. Through MBPR System Certification you will be able to earn residual income selling and delivering on-line MBPR System programs to Chronic Pain Sufferers.

Your Expertise Area # I

Hope and Gaining Control: Changing the Mindsets that Embed and Drive Mind Based Chronic Pain

Expect that through this MBPR System training module area you will gain skills to change the thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that anchor your clients to the long-term legacy of the burden of suffering from Mind Based Chronic Pain.

You will more specifically understand the nature of how structurally and physically based acute pain becomes wired into theme and messages as mind-based Chronic Pain.

Dr. Irving has been immersed in the fields of education, healing, transformation and personal growth for 45 years. In providing training and supervision to clinicians and through direct clinical work he specialized in empowering clients suffering from PTSD, severe emotional trauma and somatic pain.

With his years of experience, his MBPR System training synthesizes a wide range of effective transformation and positive reframing modalities. He is impassioned about providing solution-focused approaches that provide relief to those burdened by Chronic Pain.

Dr. Irving developed the MBPR System as a practical and easy to learn methodology for re-patterning mind based Chronic Pain by addressing the forces that initially embedded and then continue to drive the tragic suffering of Chronic Pain.

The modules in this MBPR System series inform and refocus the Chronic Pain associated thoughts, beliefs and attitudes to provide a foundation for hope and empowerment in gaining control over persistent Chronic Pain. This repatterning leads to your clients living with courage and enthusiasm in a vibrant and empowered life.

In this MBPR System training module series, you will learn concrete and tangible information to assist you in transforming the negative beliefs and response patterns that lead your client to a limiting and destructive relationship with the suffering of Chronic Pain.

You will develop a working understanding of the critical differences between Acute and Chronic Pain that can provide your clients positive hope and the empowerment of a specific destination to reduce and eliminate Chronic Pain.

You will gain an appreciation of the resiliency response model and how it applies to conquering the burden of Chronic Pain.

You will learn clear and practical strategies to assist your clients in detaching suffering from pain so they can alleviate the distress and despair that is so often associated with persistent Chronic Pain.

Your Expertise Area # II

Easy to Employ Self-Directed Interventions to Reduce and Even Erase Mind Based Chronic Pain

For more than four decades Dr. Irving has been immersed in developing practical and easy to employ tools to address the mental, emotional and somatic impact of trauma, pain and adversity. He has had a passion for adapting, creating and refining therapist-assisted and client-directed interventions and exercises.

By means of observation of direct implementation and follow-up research Dr. Irving has worked at refining techniques and strategies through which the underlying forces of a client’s condition can be Identified, Processed, Released and Repatterned.

Over the past decade, these resourceful tools and systems have been strategically consolidated into the MBPR System which you will use to help your clients Identify, Process, Release and Repattern the negative thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that embedded and now perpetuate their Chronic Pain.

You will come to appreciate that for Chronic Pain to dissolve, the pain related stories of the mind need to be acknowledged and rewritten.

You will learn specific proven approaches for identifying and “listening” to the core stories that are casting the shadow of Chronic Pain over your client's lives.

By acquiring effective tools for assisting your clients in dramatically changing the legacy of persistent pain, you will gain confidence and comfort in your ability to help your Chronic Pain clients re-write the core, embedded stories that now drive their Chronic Pain.

You will gain skills to help your clients overcome Chronic Pain associated emotional suffering so they can permanently leave the vicious suffering of the pain/distress cycle.

In this MBPR System training module, you will learn:

Advanced approaches of MBPR (Mind Based Pain Repattering);

Protocols that are clear, fast and direct for Identification, Processing, Releasing and Repatterning the messages and themes attached to Chronic Pain;

How Process Writing Core Issues with Chronic Pain addresses deep and historic material;

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) for reducing and eliminating Chronic Pain;

How EFT can be employed in other areas of wellness and personal growth.

 Your Expertise Area #III

Engaging the Power of the Mind-Body Connection: Effective Tools and Techniques to Control Chronic Pain

The goal of this MBPR System training area is to give you the skills to help your client move from feelings of uncertainty and dis-empowerment to a place where they can deeply commit to the process of using mind-body tools to manage, control and even extinguish pain.

You will gain an advanced understanding and competency for employing the Mind-Body connection for pain reduction and elimination with effective and practical-to-employ Mind-Body tools.

The Mind-Body connection has become well accepted in society in the promotion of health and healing. One of the most validating areas to quickly and dramatically observe the powerful and effective results of employing the Mind-Body connection is in the area of pain reduction and elimination.

This MBPR System training module takes a deep dive into the amazing inter-connection between body and mind.

You will learn practical, easy to master exercises your clients can utilize to achieve competency with Mind-Body tools and strategies to relieve the Chronic Pain cycle.

You will master specific approaches for regulating and extinguishing pain through visualization, refocusing, self-managed positive dissociation and hypnagogic techniques.

In this module area, you will learn a comprehensive overview of the Mind-Body healing, including: Mind-Body Healing and Pain Regulation, Creative Visualization, Pain and Self Hypnosis, Pain Management Through Creating Distance, Pain Management Through Changing Focus, Pain Management and Healing Through Changing Location and Time, Pain Management Self-Regulation, and Quick-Fix Any Time of Day Pain Management. 

You will also gain competency in the use of mind-body tools to deal with emotional distress, irritability and anger, sleep and promoting feelings of peacefulness and calm.

Your Expertise Area #IV

Stress Reduction, Relaxation and Grounding Practices to Quiet and Even Eliminate the Suffering of Chronic Pain

You will learn the pathways to the calm and peacefulness that is always available inside your clients.

You will gain confidence in your ability to direct clients to reduce tension, increase the relaxation response and connect with the infinite inner wisdom, nonjudgmental acceptance, calm and wellbeing.

You will learn effective techniques to trigger the relaxation response and to assist your clients with reaching a deeper level of calm and peacefulness.

These skills are important for all aspects of life and are especially important for basic pain management and are absolutely imperative for completely eradicating Chronic Pain.

You will learn that you can teach your clients that a place of relaxation and calm is a more powerful state in which to imprint positive patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours that will help them to rebuild “their more ideal story”.

In this module area, you will learn effective and easy to teach strategies and approaches for grounding, stress reduction, relaxation and anchoring in states of comfort and pleasure; to employ breathing techniques for pain relief and to access and empower the mind-body connection; mindfulness meditation practices through the mindful body scan, mindfulness of sound, taste, and environment and mindfulness as a way of life to eliminate pain and promote calm, peacefulness and wellbeing.

You will also gain competency at employing lovingkindness and gratitude to relieve pain and promote wellbeing.

Most clinicians find that the stress reduction and relaxation learned in this module not only serves their clients, but also provide the clinician effective strategies and practices for well-being in a busy, successful, professional life.

Training in the MBPR System will transform your clinical work, your level of success professionally and financially, as well as enhance your own life skills.


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